D.W Nicols new album “new record” title track “ano machi kono machi” PV [1/26 release]

avex band D.W Nicols releases title track “ano machi kono machi” PV for their upcoming new album titled “new record” out on january 26. tower records first press edition includes a live event and cd signing ticket.

PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcDMlYvv8gA


nAo new album “Strawberry Heart”. “espresso de nemurenai” PV [1/26 release]

australian-born indie pop singer nAo releases “espresso de nemurenai” PV through her official youtube channel. her first official album “Strawberry Heart” will be released on january 26.

PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdYZ8kJAUwU

cero new album “world record” title track “daiteiden no yoru ni” PV [release 1/26]

indie band cero’s “daitenden no yoru ni” PV from their new album “world record” to be released on january 26.

PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvUV0oeQY0A

cero has put up a special site to promote the album and you can download the second track for free. just press “listen” to download.




the pillows new album “HORN AGAIN” title track “Doggie Howl” PV [1/26 release]

rock band the pillows “Doggie Howl” PV from the album titled “HORN AGAIN” that will be released on january 26. an album commemoration live that will be held on januray 27 will be broadcasted on UST for fans that can’t go.

PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6GkSgMAwmI

Dirty Old Men new single “yakusoku no uta” FULL PV [1/19 release]

Dirty Old Men’s first major single “yakusoku no uta” PV is out courtesy of e+ movie. single will be released january 19th.

PV link: http://mv-jpop.eplus2.jp/article/180694405.html

DOM will also release their first major album entitled “GUIDANCE” under Universal Music Japan and will begin their first major tour on april 2nd.

STARBOARD last single “yume de aetara” 2PV [1/19 release]

rock band STARBOARD’s two PVs for their last single “yume de aetara” that will be released january 19th

Drive-In (2010Rework) PV:

yume de aetara PV:

Galileo Galilei new single “boku kara kimi e” official PV [1/19 release]

rising band Galileo Galilei’s new single “boku kara kimi e” official PV links. since the release of their first album “hamanasu no hana”, the band has been gaining lots of recognition and popularity from the public. they recently held a successful TV live on CDTV and will be participating in MINE ROCK FESTIVAL 2 on january 24. this single will be out on january 19th.

PV links:

head on to their official myspace page to listen to some of their indie tracks.

BAHASHISHI new album “luminescence” title track “koe wo kikasete” FULL PV [1/19 release]

full version of koe wo kikasete, the title track for BAHASHISHI’s upcoming album “luminescence” is up on youtube. the album will be released on january 19th.

full PV:

BREMEN new album “SKIN” all tracks preview and UST after party [1/19 release]

on sale january 19th, BREMEN has set up a trial listening preview of all of the tracks from their upcoming album entitled “SKIN”. a release party [MITSUBOSHI#7] for the album will also be broadcasted live on ustream on sunday january 23 at 7pm jst. another UST appearance on friday 8pm jst has been announced on their official twitter.

listen to the sample tracks here: http://www.ganban.net/c-bremen1216.html
BREMEN official UST: http://www.ustream.tv/user/bremen666